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Lock snapping is on the rise with more homes than ever broken into due to inadequate door security. The common ‘Euro Cylinder Lock’ has a serious design flaw that allows burglars to gain entry to your home in a matter of seconds. Doctor Locks recommends replacing these vulnerable locks with the latest is Cylinder Locks. Take a look at the differences between the basic and more advanced lock options available to you;

Anti Snap Locks

According to statistics, home burglaries’ most common entry point is through the rear or front doors. In many cases, intruders can gain access by opening the lock.

The easiest way burglars can break-in is to lock snap, and they simply need to use some force to snap the lock at the cylinder to break in.

Multi-point locks on composite doors or UPVC are vital security features. However, they can all be operated by standard euro cylinder locking mechanisms, particularly vulnerable to lock snapping.

This type of lock has been stolen many times by criminals. Our view is that standard euro cylinder locks don’t provide enough protection for your home or property.

An anti snap lock is the best choice if you want more protection and peace.

Anti Snap Locks

Do you need to keep your doors shut tight? Doctor Locks supplies a wide range of antisnap locks and provides local fitting services for those who can’t make it into town.

What Is Lock Snapping?

This is a perfect way for burglars to enter your home in seconds! The process of snapping locks sounds easy, but it isn’t. You need some skill and practice before you can successfully do this yourself or if someone else wants access to your house without permission from their owner.

The door lock is a very important part of protecting your home. Even though the installation process may seem simple at first glance, many other factors can affect how secure it will be over time and help deter any would-be burglars from trying their luck with an unannounced visit!

How to Know If Your Lock Is an Anti Snap Lock?

The only way you can tell if your lock is an anti snap type of mechanism, and not just any old manual or electric keyless one, for that matter…  If the housing sticks out by less than 3mm when installed correctly, there’s no chance of picking up on this vulnerability.

What Is Anti Snap Lock?

Anti-Snap Locks: The Future of Security

The locks on your doors are important security features that can keep out intruders. But what about when you need to enter or exit quickly? Anti Snap locks solve this problem by providing an easy escape route for homeowners if something goes wrong!

How Does an Antisnap Lock Work?

This Euro cylinder is designed with anti-snap security measures as standard, making it tough for would-be intruders to break into your home.

The anti-snap lines on the cylinder locking system make it almost impossible for an intruder to break through. If they apply force at either end, their breaking point will be Breakout Lag-free technology – not anything else!

How Anti-Snap Locks Secure Your Home

Lock snapping is quick, simple, and quiet. Many homeowners realize that they were burglarized only after they awake to discover their belongings and car gone. Major insurers and housing providers will often hire contractors to install anti-snap locks to prevent this from happening. These use sacrificial segments that can be broken off with tools but leave the key pieces of the euro cylinder in place. But if the thief has determination, they will keep breaking and snapping until they get there. Many so-called anti-snap euro cylinders will snap just like an ordinary euro-cylinder lock. Anti-snap locking mechanisms must be independently tested for reliable protection. The Doctor locks are the best. Anti snap door locks may also be called snap proof’ locks or ‘high-security door locks.’

The Doctor Lock Protects Against Lock Snapping

There are a few ways a burglar will try to break into your home. The first is lock snapping. This is the main reason why you need a lock that has anti-snap properties. The burglar will try to shatter the lock by breaking it in half. They can manipulate whatever mechanism is inside and open your door for you! Holding the lock with one hand, apply torque to it using an adjustable wrench. Next, use a small tool that fits inside your keyhole and push on each side of the tumbler until they are seated properly in their respective holes, then turn the handle clockwise or anti-clockwise depending upon what direction you want to access from – this will open up any door!

Stop Break-ins With The Right Lock

The Doctor Locks lock has many security features to protect you against attacks. It has a pick and anti-bump pins, making it nearly impossible to pick or bump the lock, preventing it from being forced open. The Doctor Locks’ lockdown mode, which fires a pin into a cam when the first part is compromised, makes snapping impossible. Drilling is nearly impossible because each vulnerable part is made of solid steel.

Need Any Advice?

Doctor Locks are here to help you with all of your locksmith needs. If it’s unsure if they can be repaired or replaced, don’t worry because our experienced professionals will take care of the problem quickly and efficiently!

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The lock snapping epidemic is on the rise, with thieves easily exploiting weak spots in euro profile cylinders fitted to 99% of all UPVC doors. Come to Doctor Locks and get an estimate in minutes – don’t worry!

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