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Terms and Conditions

1. General locksmith tasks will be undertaken as per the request of the client with minimum or no conditions imposed. Most of the tasks that Doctor Locks Locksmiths undertake will be charged based on an hourly rate for labour and a fee for the locks or equipment installed or supplied. Doctor Locks Locksmiths will undertake any task that we are trained and capable in completing at a sensible and mutually agreed cost.

2. If the task is to be charged as Rate per hour we will notify the client of the rate prior to commencing work. Doctor Locks Locksmiths will not issue a receipt (general public) unless the client requests one; however, all companies no matter how large or small will be issued with a receipt. In all cases, whether business or private, Doctor Locks Locksmiths will continue to own any lock or equipment installed to any property until such times as the lock or equipment is paid for in full and the said funds have been credited to the Doctor Locks Locksmiths account. Payment for goods or services provided is due on delivery and or completion of the service / task. Payment is to be made either by credit card to Doctor Locks Locksmiths or by cash or online banking. In the event that the buyer / client fails to make payment as above, the buyer / client shall pay interest on any and all outstanding amounts at the rate of 5% per annum above the Bank of England’s base rate accruing daily.

3. In addition if the buyer / client fails to make payment Doctor Locks Locksmiths will be entitled to remove any equipment, Locks or mechanism installed and once payment is received in full either re- install the equipment, Locks or mechanism for a fee or refuse to install equipment, and just hand them to the buyer / client. Doctor Locks Locksmiths has a policy that all tasks undertaken must be paid for on completion (general public) or 28 days for commercial. After this period, any client that has not settled there invoice in full will be in breach of the contract whether written or verbal and proceedings will be started to collect the outstanding balance. Once proceedings have commenced, Doctor Locks Locksmiths will charge any fee/s for issuing proceedings, the current percentage interest rate and any other fees incurred back to the client. For tasks taken on by Doctor Locks Locksmiths which are likely / will total more than £100.00 in value whether in equipment, labour or a combination of the two, Doctor Locks Locksmiths reserves the right to request a deposit prior to commencement of the task and the amount will be determined by Doctor Locks Locksmiths. Any deposit taken will be none refundable in the event that the task is cancelled by the client once equipment has been purchased for the said task. Should the client feel; that the task has not been performed correctly, they are advised to contact Doctor Locks Locksmiths in writing and should they feel that there grievance has not been dealt with sufficiently they are advised to seek alternative assistance.

4. All replacement UPVC mechanism tasks will be charged as an hourly rate plus mechanism job. At the initial investigation the client will be advised of the approximate duration of replacement and the cost. Each task will therefore be charged in the following manner:-

Investigation and Identification hrs + task hrs + mechanism / lock and other equipment charge. After commencement of the task, should any problems be encountered that were not visible at the start occur and which are likely to alter the duration or the task the client will be informed straight away. Should this affect the cost in any form whether due to duration or equipment it will be explained and the client will have the final decision as to the route taken. In the unlikely event that an alternative system fails to operate correctly and the task exceeds that stated / estimated, Doctor Locks Locksmiths will charge the client at the rate of 50% the normal hourly rate to a maximum of an additional 4 hrs for the additional period. Any work carried out after this period or due to any mistakes made by Doctor Locks Locksmiths will be born entirely by Doctor Locks Locksmiths. In the event that a clients UPVC mechanism has to be changed in full, Doctor Locks Locksmiths will endeavour to change like for like. However, this is occasionally not possible due to manufacturer changes in systems and systems becoming obsolete.

5. In the event that a system is obsolete Doctor Locks Locksmiths will endeavour to provide a system as close to the old system as possible with the technical assistance of the manufacturers and suppliers. Doctor Locks Locksmiths will explain the process and the risks and request that the client signs an indemnity prior to any work carried out. Doctor Locks Locksmiths will undertake any replacement task providing that it is within there skills and training but can not be held responsible should any system fitted other than an exact match fail to work 100% correctly. Should an alternative system be fitted that subsequently fails to operate 100% correctly and or to the clients / Locksmiths wishes, Doctor Locks Locksmiths will continue to endeavour to rectify the fault until rectified or until a mutual decision to finalise the task is taken. Doctor Locks Locksmiths will accept no claim for damage to any door or frame unless it is a direct result of negligence by the Locksmith. If when trying to fit / once fitted a none direct replacement lock to an old UPVC door and frame, the integrity of the door or / and frame is compromised, providing that the Locksmith explained the risks to the client, then this or any other repair / replacement cost will have to be born by the client.

6. Making a Complaint. In the event that you have a genuine complaint please contact Doctor Locks Locksmiths initially by phone stating your name, task location and if known invoice number. We would also urge the client to put their concerns in writing. Request a copy of the job notes taken at the time and signed for by the client and should you still feel that you have a reason to continue with your complaint then submit your complaint in writing. If the complaint is genuine Doctor Locks Locksmiths will endeavour to repair / rectify the fault straight away and within 72 hours for none security break faults with no cost to the client. Should the fault be found to be due to faulty equipment, locks and a replacement is to be required and the fault is not due to supplier agrees to replace them at no cost. Should the client still feel that their grievance has not been dealt with in full they are requested to seek additional assistance.

7. All Hardware fitted to domestic properties (General Public) comes with a 12 Month Guarantee. Hardware fitted by Dr Locks on commercial properties and high traffic areas (Schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc) are covered by a 90 Day Guarantee.

Please note: Doctor Locks will make every effort to gain entry if locked out from your property non destructively, however this is not always possible in the event of us having to damage the lock we will offer at a cost replacements locks

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